Kate Luhr, Beyond Conversation #TheMadres, Skylight TheatreINTERVIEW WITH KATE LUHR
Associate Producer and Beyond Conversation moderator

Why did you get involved with "The Madres" and Beyond Conversation?

I was fascinated by the ways in which this story is both so particular and so universal.

Even though "The Madres" is set in a specific time and place, the characters exemplify the various ways people have reacted to dangerous leadership in every time and place. Some fight back. Some try to just keep their heads down and get by. Some join the oppressors. Some enable them.

After I saw a staged reading of the show, I had a lengthy conversation with Arianna Ortiz, who plays Carolina, because I had so many thoughts about what I’d just seen. I knew if I felt the need to talk at length about everything this play made me consider, others would as well, so when I was offered the opportunity to help program and moderate the Beyond Conversation series for this production, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

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