Skylight INKubatorLegitimate Violence

& Persuasive Force


written by Gabriel Neustadt             

directed by Robert Cicchini

CAST: Warren Davis, Robert Murray Duncan, Joey Millin, Joanna Strapp

Sunday, October 25, 8pm

Reserve Here   or call  (213) 761-7061                                    

SKYLIGHT THEATRE                                                                            

Synopsis: A fictionalized account of the invention of modern suicide bombing in the Levant.

A brilliant young strategist develops a horrifying new technology for her terror cell's fight against the Occupier. Cheap to build, easy to operate, and wildly efficient, this is an innovation to be reckoned with—although Nida's superiors don't see it the same way. When it becomes clear that the conservative chairwoman of the Kalandiyah Jihad won't play ball, that the proposal is dead in the water, Nida conspires to have her overthrown. Subsequently, the leaders of the National Security Service debate what to do with an anonymous tip revealing the location of Kalandiyah's leader. Take her out? Capture her? Little do they know how their actions will soon collide with Nida's.

Inspiration for LEGITIMATE VIOLENCE... : This play was inspired by conversations I had in Israel and the West Bank with former IDF intelligence officers and Palestinian combatants. It considers the moral and legal complexities of torture, asymmetrical warfare, and the conflict between state and non-state actors—and ultimately how these challenge our sense of humanity and common decency. How can we do such horrible things to one another yet still consider ourselves good?

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