BULRUSHER, Skylight Theatre Company & Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble


Bulrusher, Skylight Theatre Company & Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble

REMARKABLE play unfolds with mesmeric leisureliness.
SUPERB production elements.- LA Times CRITIC’S CHOICE!

Could not feel timelier and more chilling. GO! - LA Weekly


by Eisa DavisLA Premiere
directed by Nataki Garrett

Pulitzer Prize Finalist

Fri/Sat 8pm & Sun 3pm
2.5 hours including intermission
a co-production by Skylight Theatre Company and Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble (LDTE)
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When you're a multiracial orphan girl with a gift for clairvoyance who was found floating as an infant in a basket on the river, there aren't many places to turn to form a strong self-identity when you're growing up in a predominantly white town in the '50s.  That is, until a black girl from Alabama suddenly appears.

Immersed in her newfound relationship and freedom, the girl begins to learn about love and embarks on a quest for self-discovery that will forever change her life.

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