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This Week in Theater
by Rose Desena

October 16, 2014

Successful collaborations usually breed prosperity and creativity. If only our government could learn this lesson from the Los Angeles Theatre community! Two prominent companies have joined forces to produce good theatre, and to conquer some of the constant challenges presented to small groups in Los Angeles.

Skylight Theatre Company earned 8 Ovation Nominations in 2014 for their productions of The Wrong Man and Pray To Ball, while last year LA Weekly named their productions of Years To The Day, Open House and Sexsting to their Top Ten Plays list of 2013. The Open Fist Theatre Company is best known for tackling ambitious and often large-scale ensemble plays.

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SPLASH HEADERBy Ester Benjamin Shifren
October, 2014

The Skylight Theatre has once again teamed up with a noted Los Angeles performance group, this time it is the Open Fist Theatre Company. If their previous partnerships, one over the summer with Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble (Bulrusher), are any indication of what they have in store for us then audiences are in for a treat as the comedy REASONS TO LIVE makes its West Coast debut this week.

Meryl Cohn created the play, chosen as a "Favorite Play of 2012" by the press when first presented at Provincetown Theater, after a lifetime of observing similar characters. She wanted to write a play about the desire to find hope and humor after something difficult happens. Meryl's own tendency to temper darkness with humor comes from being part of a chaotic family that was sometimes a little mean, but always funny. She talks about the disparity of people who don't hesitate to speak bluntly,

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