Q & A with Director Elina de Santos

Los Angeles Post

How Many Have You Slept With? 

 One of my favorite directors in Los Angeles, Elina de Santos, seems limitless in her ability to take on and skillfully stage a wide range of plays…regardless of genre. Her most recent directorial venture “The Sexual Life of Savages” by Ian MacAllister-McDonald, opens this week at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and asks, “how many have you slept with? It’s the latest world premiere play to emerge from the Skylight Theatre’s INKubator development program.

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Who's Keeping Count?


Who’s keeping count? The Sexual Life of Savages tackles sexual promiscuity 

by Alex Weaver

The existential double standard that subsists among men, women, and sex creates a flurry of unending debate as to what is acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to gender roles. A man who sleeps with many partners is labeled as the “alpha male” while a woman who demonstrates the same behavior is looked down upon and essentially “slut-shamed.”

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