Ribald! Edgy Dramedy!

LA TIMES ARTS AND CULTUREIn its basic contours and execution, Ian MacAllister-McDonald's "The Sexual Life of Savages" at the Beverly Hills Playhouse is an edgy dramedy of postmillennial eroticism that certainly keeps us watching.

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Achieves Great Climax with World Premiere

Broadway World

Those squeamish with graphic descriptions of sexual acts might be a tad uncomfortable experiencing The Sexual Life of Savages. They would certainly share lots in common with the two prudish characters of this explicit, yet heart-felt tale of a couple of high school teachers and their various partners. Very witty script, without one false note,

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Honest. Gritty. Hilarious

LA PostSkylight Theatre Company is at it again... in "The Sexual Life of Savages"

Playwright Ian MacAllister-McDonald apparently knows a thing or two about turning sexual anecdotes into drama at its finest. This successful and immensely talented writer has penned a tale, that is both honest and gritty, and at times downright hilarious.

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hollywood reporterSuburban couples negotiate intimacy and conflict at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

A couple planning on romance is instead waylaid by argument, a fundamental kernel of dramatic conflict with potential for rueful recognition by the audience.

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Let's Get It On

LA PostLet's Get it on, or maybe not.

There is no doubt that this is a fabulous title for a play. The minute I saw the press release I said, "self don't miss this one!" Webster dictionary defines the word savage as "wild and uncultivated, lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings."

Writer Ian MacAllister-McDonald explores the subject of sex, without restraints, bringing it up close and personal while nudging audiences to question their own behaviors, judgments, and morals. Leaving all of us with a plateful of after-theater conversation.

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Run! Run! Run!

joe strawIan MacAllister-McDonald, the writer, doesn't hold back. He takes you by your (male or female body part here) and thrashes you within an inch of your sexual being all for the sake of arriving at a truth from characters. - Narrator

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Stunningly Skilled Cast!

arts in laIan MacAllister-McDonald's world premiere script broaches several slices of life not usually seen onstage. The topic, as his play's title responsibly hints, is the sexuality of his five characters. The dialogue is exceedingly explicit, and we're not talking an occasional F-bomb.

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RECOMMENDED! Irreverent. Funny. Obscenely gritty; explicitly real.

Grigware ReviewsIrreverent. Funny. Obscenely gritty; explicitly real. Consistently intelligent. These are but some of the adjectives that come to mind in describing Ian MacAllister-McDonald's The Sexual Life of Savages now receiving its world premiere by the Skylight Theatre Company at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Sexually there is little left to the imagination as five people communicate quite graphically their feelings, hangups and intimacy issues regarding sex via monologues and scenes in the 80-minute piece.

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Riveting and Raunchy

SPLASH HEADERHal (Luke Cook ) and Jean (Melissa Paladino) have been living together for two years and Hal, in answer to the "How many" question, is shocked and hurt to discover that Jean's total, excluding him, and others who received varying sexual "favors," is 25— way in excess of his own sexual encounters. Hal seeks advice from Clark (Burt Grinstead), his close friend and co-worker, and is mind-blown when Clark reveals that 25 is a fairly low number, and that he and his wife moonlight as swingers and regularly pick up women for a "Menage a trois."

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