Cabaret Noel & Sprits, Anyone? Skylight Theatre 2015, Los Angeles

Two Holiday Shows

Cabaret Noel crop postcard      Spirits crop postcard

       A musical evening of holiday
warmth and wit with an essence
of je ne sais quoi.


Celebrate the holidays in song with
award-winning actress, playwright
and chanteuse Gigi Bermingham, as
sings immortal Gallic carols in
French and English, and scintillating
new tunes by
Matthew Goldsby, who
accompanies her on the piano.


"... Close your eyes, you can
almost imagine yourself on a
side street in Paris ...
at Christmastime

- Huffington Post

                   Raise a glass and raise some hell.


Inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas
David Trudell is visited
by three
renegade spirits of the Past,
and Future who encourage him to
remain his authentic gay self rather
than enroll in Father White's Conversion
Institute in Texas.


In his fourth collaboration with theatre
veteran Michael Kearns, Dave spins
nocturnal visitations on Christmas
into a Twenty-First Century morality
in which the beleaguered hero
confronts the
new wave of florid sexuality
against a back
drop of stringent Christian