Carter Scott, DISCONNECTION - 2015 Skylight SeasonBEVERLY HILLS -- Four hours before a Friday night showing of Disconnection, Skylight Theatre Company's latest play by Allen Barton about contemporary religion, producer Gary Grossman brings in a videographer to shoot a promo for the Skylight website.

Actor Carter Scott is about to perform her closing monologue, which follows a gut-wrenching scene where she is berated by co-star Everette Wallin. But for this promo, the preceding scene has not been run. She has to bring down the house -- or camera, in this case -- cold.

She starts off on all fours, with her head down, taking in deep breaths.

"Tell me when you're ready," Scott says to the cameraman, keeping her deep breathing constant while stage manager Garrett Longley puts on her limelight. The cameraman gives his consent.


Inspiration for DISCONNECTION

“Disconnection was inspired directly by my experience with Scientology, and its notorious policy of the same name, whereby members must renounce their affiliation with anyone deemed to have gone against tenets of the Church. After watching this odious policy affect the life of one of my mentors, and again experiencing its interference in my own relationship with my cherished piano teacher, I was compelled to write this story.  Scientology is just one of many controlled-thought systems that have taken hold throughout history, but the play is designed to be a metaphor for all those systems. It is not just an indictment of Scientology’s disconnection policy, but of all of its ancestors, and hopefully, its progeny as well"

– Allen Barton (Playwright)

Perilous State for Freedom of Thought

By Rose Desena

Starting the line up of entertainment this season from Skylight Theatre Company, LA’s “Intimate Theatre” with the most 2014 Ovation awards, the World Premiere production of Disconnection by Allen Barton opens on January 24th at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Noted for nurturing today’s new and important voices in playwriting, the company takes on risky and controversial issues that impact our communities.

Vital to today’s headlines about groups and religions imposing their beliefs onto others, Disconnection explores parameters of freedom of speech and thought. This entertaining new work indicts what the playwright calls “totalitarian, highly-restrictive modes of thought.” No, not just governments, but he is referring to current religious groups as well.

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Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        December 10, 2014

Press Contact: Judith Borne or (310) 305-7888                 

Skylight Theatre Company kicks off 2015 SEASON with the

by Allen Barton and directed by Joel Polis

Opening January 24, 2015

8:30pm Fridays, 8pm Saturdays, 7pm Sundays thru March 1st
at the Beverly Hills Playhouse 254 South Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, CA – Launching their 2015 Season, after garnering the most Ovation Awards of any intimate theatre in 2014, Skylight Theatre Company opens with Allen Barton’s newest work, DISCONNECTION (Years To The Day – critically acclaimed with extended run in LA/NY/Edinburgh).

Based on true events and current headlines, DISCONNECTION is a powerful indictment of contemporary religious intrusions into personal relationships. A successful lawyer, his classical piano mentor, and his estranged daughter all confront the dark side of dedication to a Church whose aged founder faces the end of his life in isolation and regret.

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