Inspiration for I SEE YOU MADE AN EFFORT

"I started writing on this coming-of-middle-age story, published by Penguin in March of 2014, after receiving my first email from the AARP. Surely, there must be a mistake, I thought. I was raised on those Clairol commercials in the 1970's that told us, "You're not getting older you're getting better." As it turns out, I might be getting better, but I am definitely getting older too!

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hollywood reporterBack in the 1990s, Annabelle Gurwitch was the smart and funny co-host of Dinner and a Movie before she expanded her repertoire with guest appearances on popular shows like Seinfeld, Dexter and Boston Legal. She was cute and clever trading political insights with Bill Maher, and still is, only now she’s 53, a fossil by Hollywood standards.

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SPLASH HEADERFrom the Edge of 50, Life Looks Pretty Funny
By V. J. Moore

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Is it possible to enjoy just one night off from the horrible and sometimes hilarious indignities that are visited upon a woman of a certain age? This is the question that New York Times bestselling author Annabelle Gurwitch attempts to answer in her newly adapted stage play I See You Made an Effort, opening at the Skylight Theatre on May 17th and being helmed by multi-award winning director Bart DeLorenzo.

She has lots to talk about, on a number of subjects, and is not shy about sharing her opinions. For instance, what she finds to be sexually attracted to these days, is somebody who can fix her computer. And as she discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher, her take on turning middle age, when you are middle income. What are the new "buzz kills" in the bedroom of a 50-something year old?

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