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Gary Grossman, honored at Skylight Salute 2016

Recognizing 2,500 Artists  ~  204 LA writers  ~  750 events

and a
Board of Directors Tribute to

Gary Grossman


Hosted by the irrepressible French Stewart and Vanessa Claire Stewart

Directed by David Galligan

        Musical Director Ryan O'Connell


French Stewart & Vanessa Claire Stewart Proceeds benefit Skylight Theatre Company's
Artistic Development Programs

*Artists and VIPs subject to change


In recognition of their joint accomplishments, assembling over 750 productions, workshops, readings, and classes in just over three decades, the Skylight Board of Directors is recognizing Gary Grossman and Skylight Theatre.

Over the past three decades, from Camelot Artists Productions to Katselas Theatre Company and in 2013 becoming Skylight Theatre Company, the one constant thread has been Gary Grossman. First as a producer and eventually becoming its Artistic Director in 2008, Skylight and Gary have become synonymous with nurturing artists, producing live theatre in Los Angeles and developing new work.

Over 2500 different artists have graced Skylight’s stages including 204 Los Angeles based writers. Skylight and Grossman have helped to craft, develop, workshop and mount a large body of original works, generating 166 readings, 157 workshops, and 100 world premiere productions. Productions developed under Skylight’s auspices have gone on to garner awards and nationwide attention for their playwrights and while under Gary Grossman's leadership have made their way across the United States to New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Denver, and San Francisco, while internationally they have been performed in Paris and Edinburgh, with more scheduled for Australia, Canada and Greece.

Skylight has been a community leader providing artistic opportunities for at-risk teens and helping to feed the hungry. In the last three years, 1250 teens in Los Angeles detention centers and high schools have experienced Lyric writing workshops. In the last four years over 1200 hungry people have been fed in the Downtown and MacArthur Park areas.      READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

   French Stewart, hosts Skylight Theatre Salute 2016

FRENCH STEWART is perhaps best known for his roles in Chuck Lorre's hit comedy TV series “Mom” and the classic, “3rd Rock From the Sun.” He is a member of Sacred Fools Theater Company, playing the title role in their 2012 hit production of “Stoneface: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton” which moved to the Pasadena Playhouse.

Read full bio here

   Vanessa Claire Stewart hosts Skylight Theatre Salute 2016

VANESSA CLAIRE STEWART is recognized as a quadruple threat – singer, actress, director and writer. She is most often remembered for her performance as Keely Smith in “Louie and Keely at the Sahara” (Los Angeles, Chicago) that she co-wrote with Taylor Hackford and Jake Broder, but she has also opened the Newport Jazz Festival as a vocalist and penned and then directed the wildly successful “Stoneface: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton,” which starred her husband French Stewart. 

Read full bio here



all photos by ZLP Photography

 Setting up for Skylight Salute 2016 Skylight Theatre dining room filling up      
 Setting up our "dining room" on the Skylight Stage  Old and new friends gather    
 Skylight Salute Table Setting
Check out the beautiful paper cranes from Lakewood High
School's Origami Club; one of our teen lyricists is a member.
 Closeup on Origami Crane on glass     
Skylight Salute 2016: Blatant disregard for signs!    
 A little magic with your dinner? Audience participation,   
  A little magic with your dinner?  

Michael Kearns presents the first proclamation!
Michael Kearns introduces the first of three honors presented


Mitch O'Farrell presents honor from City Supervisors to Gary Grossman, Skylight Theatre City Supervisor, Mitch O'Farrell presents recognition
to Gary Grossman and Skylight Theatre.

(l to r) Gary Grossman, Steven Leigh Morris (LA Stage Alliance),
Mitch O'Farrell, Michael Kearns (Skylight), Tony Abatemarco (Skylight)


 Vaness Claire Stewart and French Stewart, Skylight Salute 2016

Vanessa Claire Stewart and French Stewart host Skylight Salute

 John Fleck, Skylight Salute 2016

100 World Premieres in 3.23 minutes, by John Fleck


 Dale Kristien performs, Skylight Salute 2016

Dale Kristien kicked off the musical portion of the
event with "I Could Have Danced All Night"

Michael Rubenstone, "On Vermont..." - Skylight Salute

Michael Rubenstone's dramatic performance of a revised
 version of "On The Street Where You Live"


 Marcelo Tubert introduces lyricist, Joselee Medina- Skylight Salute 2016

Marcelo Turbert introduces Joselee Medina,
teen lyricist from the Skylight's Lyric Project

Skye LaFountaine, performs Skyilght Salute 2016 

Skye LaFountaine performs "All Things Left Unsaid" by
Manoel Feliciano and teen lyricist, Joselee Medina


Gigi Bermingham and Bill Bocktrup perform, Skylight Salute 2016

Gigi Bermingham and Bill Bocktrup perform
"A Handbag is Not a Proper Mother"

Louisa Hill, playwright - Skylight Salute 2016   Jonathan Munoz-Proulx - Skylight Salute 2016

Playwright Louisa Hill and Asociate Producer Jonathan Munoz-Proulx


Denise Woods, Skylight Salute 2016

Denise Woods performs, "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good"

Barrett Foa, Skylight Salute 2016 

Barrett Foa performs multiple characters in his hysterical
recreation of "After Les Miz"



 Elieen Barnett, Skylight Salute 2016

Elieen Barnett performs "Lazy Afternoon"


Gary Grossman, honoree - Skylight Salute 2016

After the Salute, an emotional Gary Grossman addresses the audience

 Gary Grossman, Skylight Salute 2016  Gary Grossman and Robert Israel, Skylight Salute 2016

Gary Grossman and with Robert Israel

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