Los Angeles Times - Critics Choicereview

"Rotterdam" arrives in Los Angeles in a PITCH-PERFECT staging at the Skylight Theatre in Los Feliz.

... Gifted young cast 
...plunges so deeply into the heart of the matter that we respond with whole catalogs of emotion. Shepperd's staging is so crisp that even the between-scenes set changes have a choreography to them.

Stage Raw- Recommended review

A compelling new age love story that is enhanced by its TRANSCENDENT casting

BroadwayWorld review

Convergence of FANTASTIC TALENTS - writing, directing & acting.
Make ROTTERDAM a destination you need to visit.

Broadway World review

BRILLIANT writing, direction and character portrayals

Los Angeles Blade review

Crisp, entertaining production of this DECEPTIVELY FUNNY Olivier-winner...
Brittain’s brilliant play is truly universal in its a single moment, everything changes.
Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship – straight, gay, trans, or otherwise – will certainly recognize that situation.
To put it metaphorically, we’ve all been to Rotterdam.

Los Angeles Post review

A beautifully written, brilliantly directed, gorgeously produced, and wonderfully acted TRIUMPH
Rotterdam is FUNNY, it’s SAD it’s WISE, it’s ABSURD, it’s EMOTIONAL, it’s PROFOUND, and yes, it’s TOPICAL.
But don’t let that scare you off.

Edge Media Networks review

REFRESHING. Thoroughly intriguing...truly an extraordinary welcomed addition...
Extremely well-directed...Superb cast


StageSceneLA - WOW! review

L.A. intimate theater at its most cutting-edge and compelling.

LA Weekly review

GO! Shepperd hasn’t earned his reputation as one of L.A.’s best directors for naught.
Billed as “a queer love story about all of us,” the show lives up to that hype.

Theatre Notes, Paul Myrvold review

The Cast is Extraordinary...Rotterdam is a Polished, Brilliant, NOT TO BE MISSED piece of theatre.

over Hollywood review

Perfect show to see for a NIGHT OF GREAT THEATER. Relatable and heartwarming.
It is such a topical and engaging story that brings the human experience in all its shapes and forms
to life the way only the Skylight Theatre can produce.

Ticket Holders LA review

An urgently important play, intelligently exploring territory which other writers haven’t yet really touched
with such UNDERSTANDING, HUMOR, and an overwhelmingly sense of HUMANITY…incredibly timely

On Stage and Screen

A FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT achievement, exploring complex issues rarely seen in media with
honesty and sensitivity.
It is a play that will not only make you think, but teach you about
life experiences and identities you may not share,
at a time in the world when understanding others and
showing compassion feels so critical. Don't miss it.