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 "Ashley Romans' performance will astonish you" - BroadwayWorld

Ashley Romans plays Fiona/Adrian - Click to play (51 secs.)

"Wynne commands the stage" - StageSceneLA

Miranda Wynne plays Alice  - Click to play (46 secs.)

Los Angeles loves ROTTERDAM!

 Audrey Cain, Miranda Wynne, Ryan Brophy, Ashley Romans star in ROTTERDAM
Click to play (54 secs.)


"I want to be seen as I am"

Ashley Romans as Fiona/Adrian.  Ryan Brophy as Josh. -- Click to play (46 secs.)


"You want to kill the person I love" - Alice to Adrian

What if... 
Miranda Wynne as Alice.  Ashley Romans as Adrian - Click to play (1:03 secs.)

Director and Cast talk bout Rotterdam while in rehearsal

 CLICK TO PLAY             1:38 secs

Director, Michael A. Shepperd, Ashley Romans, Miranda Wynne, Ryan Brophy
are interviewed about the play, Rotterdam.  Also appearing, Audrey Cain