We are listening

Skylight Theatre Company has always been drawn to personal stories.

Stories created by artists that help stimulate conversation, raise our consiousness, and expand our hearts. 

Discovering “Rotterdam” has been an exciting challenge. As the producers of a play featuring a transgender character just beginning his transition, our aim is to present an accurate and authentic portrayal.

We have enlisted members of the trans community, Josh Gershick and Christopher Aguilar, as our associate producers and guides into this world and with their help we've met many insightful members of the trans/GNC community. It has been an amazing and revealing journey and we are hungry for more.

We want to continue the conversation with you. 

We hope you'll join us at Rotterdam.  We hope that you'll linger after the show and share your insights and experience with us.  Most of all, we hope that you'll come to feel welcomed and part of the Skylight family.