Skylight Theatre Lyric Project 2017 In Concert

The Lyric Project, 2017 Concert - Skylight Theatre"I had no idea it would be like this!"

Sat. June 3, 8:30pm
Sun. June 4, 3:00pm

Experience something truly special.

JOIN US as professional musicians, singers and dancers perform works celebrating the lives and talents of our 2017 teen lyricists.

Selected from hundreds of Los Angeles students, these talented young lyricists will make you laugh and touch your heart with their generosity. 

Directed and Choreographed by TOR CAMPBELL
Musical Direction and Arrangements by TIM KOBZA



The Lyric Project, seeded by money from the ASCAP Foundation in honor of Irving Caesar, provides inner city teens an outlet for expression through the art of song writing. Its made possible because of the generous support of individuals who believe in the transforming power of the arts, a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, and Boeing Employee's  Community Fund and Program support from the Los Angeles County Supervisors and the LA County Arts Commission.

ASCAP Foundation

Dept. of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles


Our 2017 Lyricists

Anamaria Alarcon
Spencer Beck

Daniel Bernabe
Jasmine Campos

Andrea Drager
Spencer Ganus
Erica Heggen
Thomas Kaplan
Ruben Orellana
Michelle Palacios

Angel Pedro
Bianka Solaris
David Sun
Mackenzie Yanet

Daniella Zoto

Our 2015 Lyricists

Vivian Arciga
Emerald Canady

Huberto Castanon
Crescenda Faulks
Shannon D.A. Fernandez
Emmanuel Gómez
Melvin Guerra
Cole Holden
Ashley Huff

Jorge Martinez
Joselee Medina

Matthew Merlo
Zac Meza
Matthew A. Perry
Juan Tirado
Natalie Wire

2015 Songwriters