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Fresh Brews. Skylight Theatre Company and Emerging Arts Leaders LA 
Skylight Theatre Company &
Emerging Arts Leaders, LA

invite you to experience


a reading of 4 freshly brewed new plays
at Angel City Brewery

THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 7:00pm
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ANGEL CITY BREWERY:  216 Alameda St, Los Angeles 90012


Advice for Women by Ronit Rubinstein
A darkly hilarious take on the barrage of often conflicting messages that women receive about how to exist in a man's world -- with a cautionary twist exploring where these contradictions might lead.

Kid Stuff by Chris Shaw Swanson
When their son's school art project appears to represent a makeshift gun, two parents are forced to examine the boundaries of social responsibility and creative expression. In an environment committed to nurturing the imagination but plagued by the threat of real gun violence, the play asks us to think about what messages we're sending our children.

Tasting by Eric Reyes Loo
In a Downtown L.A. hipster bar, the new tasting menu leads to a debate about cultural appropriation, how our experiences help to define us, and the delicate boundary between ethnic identity and personal history.

We Just Have a Few Questions by Thomas Brandon
On stage: One actor sitting in a chair, asking questions and taking notes. This one-sided interview casts the audience as a woman who has just reported a sexual assault, forcing us to inhabit the silences between questions and throwing into stark relief the trauma that assault survivors face in coming forward.