INKubator, Skylight's play and artist developmental program, is essential to who we are.

Artists are provided a nurturing space to bring their emerging works to life. 

In close consultation with other writers, and/or through staged readings before an interested and engaged audiences, dramatic works, comedies, solo performances, poetry, music and dance events find their feet in INKubator's unique and varied programs.

We are excited by contemporary projects with varying points of view. We welcome talented contributors - whether or not they've already been produced or won an award. INKubator participants come from all walks of life and have ranged from age 17 to 80. The city of Los Angeles is an ideal location for developing the next generation of theatre artists and audiences. The range of available talent is enormous and ready access to a variety of skilled professionals is one of keys to INKubator's success. 

Submission information is available here.

INKubator programs include PlayLAb (resident play writing unit), LAb Works (annual festival of plays by our resident playwrights), the PLAY READING SERIES (staged works-in progress), SOLOmojo (solo performance intensive), INKworks (extended workshop presentations), and unAUTHORized (workshop for writers 18-28)