LAb WORKS 2013


workshop performance

Is it easier to accept a sibling's cruel nature if it is steeped in the supernatural?

written by Boni B Alvarez
directed by Thomas O'Leary

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workshop performance

A comedy on the verge of hysteria about the soul-sucking suck of growing old, growing up and the birth of the ice cream sundae.

written by Sigrid Gilmer
directed by Kila Kitu

choreography by Gwendolyn Dryer and Kila Kitu

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Body & Blood

workshop performance

When Dan announces he's becoming a priest, his girlfriend prays it's a phase, his sister loses her religion, and his brother-in-law vows to stop the insanity. Is Dan cut for the cloth?

written by William Nedved
directed by Tony Abatemarco

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workshop performance:

In the aftermath of a toxic spill, a commercial chemical lab is quarantined... and its six employees forbidden to leave.

written by Tom Lavagnino
directed by Gary Grossman

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workshop performance

Ava finds her ex-husband homeless on the street and feels compelled to bring him home where she lives with her new husband.

written by Ron Burch
directed by Jennifer Chang

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staged reading

A comedy about no one showing up at a block party, and the dreams of the guy who thinks that he throws the parties you remember unraveling and forcing him to make the ultimate decision.

written by Larry Pontius
directed by Doug Oliphant

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staged reading

Will there be a time where we hunt each other for dinner?

written by Z.N. Lupetin
directed by: Darrell Larson

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staged reading

A small, funny, boozy gay rights protest in 1966, years before Stonewall, provides a look at those tricky dynamics of social change and activism

written by Doug Cooney

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Desert Fugue

workshop performance

What is the space between who a person is and who they are becoming?

written by Kit Williamson
directed by Michael Kearns

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Sudden Urge To Jump

staged reading

After her sister's funeral, Laney tries to help her bumbling brother Witt revive his dying video store. Witt's former business partner lends a hand but brings more to the mix than Laney bargained for.

written by Chelsea Sutton
directed by Susan Morgenstern

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staged reading

The world of Fantasy football intrudes on the lives of two fans and two teammates. Will it bring them together or drive them apart?

written by Mayank Keshaviah

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Swimmer's Ear

workshop performance

A man hooks up with someone much younger than himself in order to avoid the pain of a previous relationship

written by Tony Foster
directed by Mark Bringleson

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