Lyric Project 2016 Skylight Theatre

Lyric Project, Skylight Theatre 2015

An event you won't soon forget!

LYRIC PROJECT in concert
Sat. June 4, 2016  & Sun. June 5, 2016 

        I had no idea it would be like this!  (2014 guest)

Every so often you have the opportunity to experience something truly special.

JOIN US as Professional musicians, singers and dancers perform works celebrating the lives and talents of these teen lyricists.

Selected from 500 Los Angeles students, these talented young lyricists will make you laugh and touch your heart with their generosity. 

Directed and Choreographed by the award winning, LEE MARTINO
Musical Direction and Arrangements by DAN MARTINEZ


ASCAP Foundation"The Lyric Project," seeded by money from the ASCAP Foundation in honor of Irving Caesar, provides inner city teens an outlet for expression through the art of song writing. 

The Lyric Project is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs.Dept. of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles


LYRIC PROJECT, Skylight Theatre (video)

When I walked into Probation Camp Paige to conduct the lyric-writing classes for Skylight Theatre, I wasn’t sure if the participants would be receptive.  What followed had a profound effect on me and speaks volumes to the power of expression through the arts and the stories that need to be told.                                                                                      - Sari Rose Barron 
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