It's all about the play.  Skylight's focus is on bringing the writer's vision to the stage and our programs are built to achieve that. We believe in the power of the artist to transform lives and in the theatre it all starts with the writer's words.                                                                                    - Gary Grossman, Artistic Director

PlayLab, Skylight Theatre CompayPlayLAb

is our professional playwright’s lab and a key player in our mission to nurture and promote new works for the theatre that speak to today's audience. 

Led by award winning playwright and screenwriter, Shem BittermanPlayLAb meets for nine three-hour sessions. Membership is by invitation with participants focuing on creating a brand new work from scratch each year. The session culminates in LAb WORKS, a festival of selected new works performed by professional actors and directors as workshops and readings

My intention is to give PlayLab members all the tools they need to create plays as they see fit. The hallmark will be openness and mutual respect.
The main thing is to offer writers a place to create freely and to realize their visions.
                                                                                                               - Shem Bitterman, PlayLab Director


When and how to apply

When:  Applications are now closed.

How:  Submit the following

Program Overview

  • Writers pitch initial project ideas to the group, brainstorming and working out the kinks before writing their new play
  • Membership is limited to a handful of invited members
  • PlayLAb meets for twelve three-hour working sessions on Sundays from 7pm to 10pm. Participants are required to attend at least nine of the twelve scheduled sessions
  • PlayLAb hosts full readings of each of the completed plays. All members are encouraged to attend and support their fellow writers at these readings 
  • PlayLAb culminates in LAb WORKS, a festival of the year's completed plays performed as workshop productions and readings (check out LAb WORKS 2015)
  • Guest participants: On given nights professional directors, guest writers or actors drop in to discuss the plays in progress, or aspects of their craft 
  • Members have access to:
     - Skylight Theatre Company stages for rehearsal
     - A wide casting network of Skylight Theatre Company artists
  • PlayLAb Alumni are an important part of the Skylight Artist Family. They remain part of the Skylight's company, connected with PlayLab and the Play Reading Series with continued access to Skylight's stages and personnel.


PLAYlab Director

Shem Bitterman is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright, actor and director. Working with Artistic Director, Gary Grossman, he founded and runs the Skylight Theatre’s PLAYlab, which has developed more than twenty five original plays in the past four years. He also runs the newly formed PLAY LA Workshop (based on Skylight's PLAYlab), sponsored by HUMANITAS and the Center Theatre Group.

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